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Understanding Laws Of Personal Injury in Canada

Injury in Canada in the case of personal injury, it is difficult to assess the monetary value of damages caused in early stages. In most of the cases the actual value of damage cannot be determined until the person has received medical treatment and the body has been completely healed. The whole process is lengthy and expensive. Therefore, it is required to ask for legal help so that you can get compensation for the treatment of injury. Lawyers who are experienced in the cases of personal injury can point you in the right direction, so that you get the right amount of money.

In a case of Personal Injury in Canada like motor accidents, monetary compensation is paid by the defendant (at fault party) who is found responsible for the accident, to the plaintiff (injured party). Generally insurance companies cover the cost in cases of automobile accidents. While assessing the value of monetary claims, things which need to be kept under consideration are the nature of your injury and how the injury will affect your ability to do your job and general day to day activities. Your legal counsellor can help calculate the total amount of your claim only after receiving sufficient information from your medical specialist.

Major types of damages in cases of Personal Injury in Toronto

Medical Treatment

In almost all personal injury cases, the victim gets awarded the compensation for medical expenses associated with the accident. This includes the cost of treatment which you’ve already received and which you might receive in future because of the injury.

Suffering and Pain

You might also get compensation for pain and suffering caused to you by the accident. The damages of this kind are referred to as non-pecuniary general damages. In order to claim damages for pain and suffering, you must fit in one of these three criteria/thresholds; death of a family or friend, permanent serious disfigurement like loss of a limb, or permanent impairment of an important mental, physical or psychological function.


You are also entitled to claim damages for the loss of salary or wages in the past or in the future, due to the personal injury caused. The compensation based on a loss of future income is characterized as monetary award for the victim’s loss of earning capacity. The principles of meeting the threshold do not apply to claim for loss of earning capacity. You can claim up to 80% of the amount of your income up to the date of settlement or trial. Although after the trial is over, you can claim 100% of your gross income

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Housekeeping Services

You are also entitled to claim damages for housekeeping services, if you are unable to perform as a result of the personal injury suffered.

Property Loss

A valuable asset or even something small like a piece of clothing is rendered useless due to the accident, you are entitled to claim damages equivalent to the market value of the asset you have lost. 

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Can I Sue if a Fire Hydrant Is Out of Service?

According to Rotondo Law, the leading personal injury lawyer in Toronto, if the fire hydrant outside of your home or business is damaged and a fire occurs, you may potentially have a case against the municipality. Depending on the circumstances of the fire and the damage to your home or business, your insurance company can go after the municipality for damages. There has to be a causal relationship between the damage caused to your home and the inoperable fire hydrant.


Put simply, if the damage would have been less severe had the fire hydrant been working, you have a case. Even then, you can only sue for the differential. Similarly, if the landlord of your apartment building or the location of your business has not kept up safety standards, you can also file a case against them, regardless of whether or not the nearest fire hydrant was working. If the fire hydrant closest to your home is out of order for an extended period of time, do not hesitate to call continually until it is repaired. The chances of a fire occurring are slim, but as a home or business owner, you want to know that the fire department will have access to a working fire hydrant should the unthinkable happen.

If your home was extensively damaged in a fire due to an out-of-order fire hydrant, call on Rotondo Law. We will closely look at your case and determine if further damage to your home could have been prevented had the fire hydrant been in proper working order. And best of all, we offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation. Should you decide to hire us, we will see your case through to completion—and remember, we don’t get paid until you do!

A working fire hydrant in close proximity to your home or business is a basic safety feature that everyone should have. If your house or business has suffered extensive damage that could have been prevented if the closest fire hydrant had not been out of service, call Rotondo Law, the top personal injury lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area.

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