Accident Benefits

by | May 11, 2020

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you will be eligible to receive statutory accident benefits which are provided in all automobile policies through the standard statutory Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1). Effective June 1, 2016, there were significant changes to the level of benefits provided in Ontario, which are summarized in the table below. 

Further, if optional benefits have been purchased under an automobile policy, an injured person may be eligible to receive Dependent Care Benefits, indexation to benefits, caregiver and housekeeping benefits in the absence of a finding of catastrophic impairment, or an increased level of benefits.

Accident benefits provide an important safety net to person who have suffered physical or psychological injuries and impairments as a result of a motor vehicle accident, at time when the injured person is most in need of financial assistance, and rehabilitative care.

Under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, there are three types of “specified benefits”, which provide eligible claimants with weekly benefits. Specified benefits consist of:

Income Replacement Benefits

Income Replacement Benefits or IRBs are considered staple benefits which provide income assistance calculated at 70% of gross weekly income to a limit of $400.00 under the standard OAP1, or up to $1, 000.00 if purchased as an optional benefit.

Non – Earner Benefits

In the event that you are not eligible to receive an income replacement benefit, you may be entitled to receive non – earner benefits at a rate of $185.00 per week.

Caregiver Benefits

If you have suffered a catastrophic impairment, you may be entitled to receive caregiver benefits under the standard OAP 1 policy, or in the event that caregiver benefits have been purchased as an optional benefit.

In addition to specified benefits, as an injured person you will also have coverage in place for medical and rehabilitative benefits, attendant care benefits, housekeeping benefits (if purchased as an optional benefit or in the event of catastrophic impairment), reimbursement for lost educational expenses, expense of visitors and other benefits.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, feel free to contact our office for a confidential consultation, at no charge.

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