Toronto Injury Law Questions

What does it mean when you say “No fee until the case is settled?"

Our law firm knows the devastating financial impact that an injury may have on you. The last thing you need is to worry about paying the law firm that you employ to fight your case. We are on your side. Quite simply, what the promised “No fee until the case is settled” means is that you will not pay any legal fees, and you will not pay any expenses until we complete our task for you, and that to get a favourable financial settlement or court judgment for you.

What can I expect from a free consultation?"

You can expect a very thorough and honest “off the record” assessment of the merits of your case, and the probable financial value of your case. Anything stated during the initial consultation or during any meeting with us is strictly privileged, which means that the communications private, confidential and are not disclosed to anyone.

Do insurance companies really settle or is that only on rare occasion?"

Parties enter into out of court settlements as a form of compromise so that the uncertainties of trial can be avoided. Most cases do resolve well prior to trial. To achieve the highest settlement possible, our law firm will obtain clear and persuasive evidence on your behalf to prove your case. By obtaining this evidence, trials are usually avoided, and favourable settlement can usually be achieved on your behalf. If settlement is not possible, we will on your instructions proceed to trial.

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