Motorcycle Accidents

There’s no greater freedom than being on the open road on your motorcycle. However, since they’re smaller vehicles than cars, accidents involving motorcycles tend to be much worse.

At Rotondo Law, we realize that there is a significant difference between motorcycle accidents and car accidents. Since you are not in a vehicle, the injuries can be greater, and even result in death. We’ve been representing victims of motorcycle accidents since 1999. At Rotondo Law, we will thoroughly investigate the accident, interview witnesses, and make sure that every detail of your motorcycle accident is covered. We will represent you in your case against the at-fault driver, and our policy is that we do not take payment until the case is closed. We will be with you every step of the way after your motorcycle accident, determining the compensation you are entitled to, as well as providing assistance with finding the proper medical care and rehabilitation. If you are filing a claim following a motorcycle accident, you should do so immediately, since there is a time limit on when you can inform the responsible parties. The limit varies according to the severity of the accident, but at Rotondo Law, we recommend doing so immediately following your accident.

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