Slip & Fall Accidents

Remember to contact us immediately following your accident, as there is often a limited amount of time before you can file a claim.

Put simply, a slip and fall accident involves a slipping on ice, improperly maintained pavement, or spilled liquid and falling, causing an injury, which can be anything from minor injuries, like bruises, to major ones, such as fractured bones. In Ontario, it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the premises safe for anyone entering it. At Rotondo Law, we provide expert representation for clients who were injured in slip and fall accidents. We will thoroughly investigate the scene, interview witnesses, and strive to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. Your injury may only cause a few weeks of discomfort, but a serious fall can cause permanent damage that can lead to lost wages and a diminishing of the quality of life. You are entitled to compensation for lost wages and any health care costs that may result from your injury. Be sure to document what caused the fall to use as evidence, as ice can melt and spills can be mopped up.

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