Human Rights Violation In The Workplace

Under Ontario’s Human Rights Code, everyone is entitled to fair and equal treatment and to be protected against discrimination in the workplace, as well as with respect to housing, contracts, and in other areas.

There are 17 grounds of discrimination under the Code. The grounds of discrimination which are prohibited by the Code, include the grounds of disability, sex, race, language, creed, and sexual orientation. By way of example, in the workplace context discrimination can take the form of an employer who wrongfully terminates an employee while on or after returning from pregnancy or parental leave, or an employer who fails to take measures to accommodate an injured or ill employee. 

Human rights applications are filed with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. After filing a human rights application, the Tribunal will assess the complaint, notify the respondent, and, if requested, arrange for a mediation. Cases that remain unresolved will proceed to a hearing. It is important to note that where there is a finding of discrimination, the Tribunal has broad remedies which includes monetary compensation in the form of general damages, damages for financial loss, as well orders in the nature of specific performance, such as for job reinstatement, or an order for a promotion.

An applicant generally has up to one year from the last discriminatory event to file a human rights application with Tribunal. If you believe that you have suffered discrimination at your workplace, contact us at Rotondo Law. We can help you. We will work for you to ensure that you obtain the compensation and remedies that you deserve.

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