Toxic Mold Exposure

As a tenant or worker in Ontario, you are entitled to live or work in an environment that is free of pollutants, such as toxic mould. While mould is everywhere, prolonged exposure to certain “toxic” moulds can have negative effects on your health.

However, you may find yourself exposed to toxic mould through negligence by your employer or landlord. If you’re the victim of toxic mould exposure, the legal experts at Rotondo Law will guide you through the process to obtaining the compensation you deserve for the effect your exposure to toxic mould has had on your health. Most moulds are harmless, but it is toxic moulds that can cause health issues, including lung infections, skin rashes, eye infections, and many more unpleasant symptoms. The effects of prolonged exposure to toxic mould are especially bad in children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. At Rotondo Law, we will thoroughly examine and document the source of your toxic mould exposure and work with you to achieve a settlement that will cover your health care costs, as well as having the source of the toxic mould removed to make the environment safer.

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