Trip & Fall Accidents

A trip and fall accident is exactly what it sounds like - an accident where your foot catches on an uneven surface, you lose your balance, and you fall.

The injuries from this type of accident vary, from a few bruises—not to mention embarrassment—to more serious, long-lasting injuries, such as broken bones or head trauma. At Rotondo Law, we recognize that it is the responsibility of the property owner to provide a safe and properly maintained premises. While the amount you will receive for your injury will vary, you, as the victim of a trip and fall accident, are entitled to compensation due to the property owner’s negligence. Since these types of accidents can be covered up easily, be sure to contact us immediately after the accident and document the area you tripped in. Our team of experts at Rotondo Law will thoroughly investigate the premises you had the accident on, but all the evidence you are able to provide helps. If your injuries from your trip and fall accident are serious, we will provide you with access to our expert medical professionals, who will assist in your recovery.

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