Wrongful Dismissal Claims

Wrongful Dismissal Claims Lawyers In Toronto, Canada.

Job security is an increasingly precious commodity. Even though you’ve spent years at a job, you could suddenly find yourself out of work with no cause. If you feel you have been wrongfully dismissed from your position, Rotondo Law is here for you. Our legal team has handled wrongful dismissal claims since 1999. If your employer dismisses you without reasonable notice, you have grounds for a wrongful dismissal claim. Under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, employers are required to give at least one week’s notice for every year an employee has worked for the company. This notice can go up to eight weeks. If they do not give notice, they must give payment in lieu of notice to make up for this.

However, it should be noticed that employees who work for unionized organizations and who are under contract do not fall under this rule. If you received neither appropriate notice or compensation, contact the Rotondo Law team. We will work to see that you receive the full amount you are owed for your dismissal. This will not bring back your position, but it will make the transition to your next one a bit easier.

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