Chronic Pain

Broken bones aren’t the only physical injuries caused by accidents.

Often, soft tissue injuries that cause chronic pain, such as whiplash and fibromyalgia, can take longer to heal assuming that these injuries ever do heal - leading to impairment of everyday life. Since cases of chronic pain caused by an accident aren’t visible, insurance companies often refuse to cover them. If you are being denied coverage for the chronic pain you are suffering from, call Rotondo Law; we offer expert legal representation for clients suffering from chronic pain. We offer all potential clients a free consultation; you will not be charged, even if you decide to hire another attorney. Rotondo Law also does not charge a fee until your case is closed. We will consult with your physician and therapists to paint a picture of the effect your chronic pain has had on your life, and assist you with obtaining the compensation you deserve in order to cover your medical costs and manage your pain.

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